About Delicioso Decor

Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Party Treats! Delicioso Decor is a local home-bakery business in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area that helps party-throwers take the DIY fuss out their fiesta planning.  Delicioso Decor specializes in making personalized, themed party treats, favors, and decorations tailored to your tastes in food and decor! DD will help you create what you need to add that special homemade touch to your fiesta.

All treats are nut-free! (Chef has a nut allergy!)


Everyone loves a good fiesta! Delicioso Decor started out of Elizabeth’s passion for throwing themed-parties and creating deli treats. Friends began asking her for help pulling off THEIR parties with a homemade flair. And voila- Delicioso Decor was born!  

Also born around the same time were Elizabeth’s two young daughters.  They provide inspiration, criticism, and comic relief in an entrepreneurial uphill spiral!


about the dd team

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Delicioso Decor is blessed to have so many faithful friends who believe in a dream and support the mission, forming a team of an Attorney, Marketers, Taste-Testers, Assistants, Business Strategist, and Web Designer.  All of whom love cake pops!